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Introduction to AREP

The Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners

We’re a non-profit, public benefit, quality assurance organisation nr. 224-033 NPO

  • We promote the adoption of renewable energy by reducing both stakeholder and end-user risk, and unlocking finance into the sector.
  • We’re a conduit for renewable energy trade, data and installations.
  • We keep the industry and general public informed on market trends, latest technologies, applicable standards, solar sector growth and best practice.

We’re committed to

  • Promoting Access to Solar PV Project funders, contractors, distributors, OEM’s, consultants, and other industry stakeholders.
  • Promoting solar installations that comply with local and international standards.
  • Supporting practitioners who are committed to providing quality installations and services.
  • Providing a quality assurance program in the form of the P4(link to P4 Accreditation Page), that is applicable to the complete solar PV value chain.
  • Building and communicating a growing and changing knowledge base.



The P4 Solar PV Quality Assurance Program
A Vote of Confidence



It’s a matter of Association

We’re proud to associate with our members and our members are proud to associate with AREP. Look for the AREP and P4 logos before you hire a Solar PV practitioner for your renewable energy project.

P4 Accreditation

The AREP P4 is an industry driven and stakeholder recognised quality assurance program, created to address the need to improve the standard of solar PV installations, and thereby reducing risks associated with solar PV system installation, operation and maintenance.

AREP Hybrid and Solar PV Test Report

What is the Hybrid test report for?

The hybrid test report acts as a guideline providing the minimum required standard for solar installations and needs to be completed before issuing the Certificate of Compliance for the solar PV system.

Can anyone complete the Hybrid test report?

Yes, anyone can use the AREP Hybrid Test Report to check a Solar PV installation. Remember to issue a copy to your clients as evidence of what has been installed.


How do I get access to the Hybrid Test Report?

The test report is available to all AREP members free of charge. If you are not yet a member of the association, please click to register here.

Can I order a Hybrid Test Report Book?

Yes. Order your easy-tear booklet with 10 x Hybrid test reports from anne@areprac.org, or order a customised booklet with your business logo at the top.

About Our Membership Program

AREP’s extensive membership database comprises of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, representing every possible sector of our industry; from EPC’s to OEM’s, on-the-ground Solar PV installers, distributors, financiers, insurers, the general public, and more.


Member Distribution

Individual Membership

Free | Non-expiring


  • Recognised Association Membership
  • Permission to display AREP branding on business communication
  • Access to the AREP Hybrid Test Report
  • Access to industry events and conference discount codes
  • Access to AREP articles and current industry data
  • Access to AREP’
  • s interactive, online, monthly members meeting


Company Membership

R2500 p.a | Renewed Yearly


  • All Individual Membership benefits, plus:

  • Company Membership Certificate
  • Business logo displayed on the AREP website home page

  • 1 x Complimentary AREP newsletter or social media feature


Founding Membership

R10 000 p.a. | Renewed Yearly


  • All Individual and Company Membership benefits, plus:
  • Contact details and click-through-link on the AREP home page

  • 1 x Complimentary members meeting speaking opportunity

  • 4 x Complimentary P4 Sales Accreditation test entries

  • 1 x Complimentary P4 Level 1 Accreditation test entry

  • Access to AREP’s specialised steering committees

  • Access to AREP data and statistics


EPC Membership 

 Compliance Depending

EPC Members commit to submit  a digital Hybrid Test Report for every installation completed


  • All Individual Membership benefits, plus:
  • EPC Membership Certificate
  • Business logo displayed on the AREP website home page

  • 1 x Complimentary AREP newsletter or social media feature

  • Company added to AREP’s Accredited Solar PV Practitioner’s Directory


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Meet The AREP Team

Carel Ballack


  • 30+ years Renewable Energy Industry experience
  • Multiple Electrical Trade Qualifications
  • National Diploma: Electrical Engineering
    • Drinks Soy Cappuccinos – No Sugar

Jock Brown


  • 17+ years Energy Industry experience
  • Masters of Engineering: Chemical Engineering
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Trevor Tappan


  • 30+ years Electrical Industry experience
  • Master electrician since 1995
  • Duo Bachelors of Theology (BTh)
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Anne-Marie Nel

Accounts Manager

  • Decade+ experience in organisational administration and sales
  • Lifelong Learner
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Maretia Wiggett

Operations Director

    • Decade+ experience leading teams and projects across multiple industries
    • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
    • Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
    • Drinks Decaff Americanos  – No Sugar

Joslynne Hill

Research Assistant

  • 40+ years experience working with a wide range of people and products
  • Lifelong Learner
    • Drinks Real Coffee – Milk No Sugar

Founding Members

Company Members